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Multifunctionnal Landscapes Roadshow

Environmental measures and productive agriculture can co-exist

2013, a european journey

2013 was a special year for the PNi, as it had the chance to follow the Multifunctional Landscape Roadshow, approaching a wide range

of stakeholders and foster a dialogue on the implementation of the greening measures of the new CAP.


The Multifunctional Landscapes Roadshow is an initiative of the ELO and Syngenta. It promotes an open debate to develop best management

practices that support the implementation of greening requirements at the farm level.


Because each farm is different from every other, land managers needs to consider the general framework, but also the specific characteristics

of their local environment when creating a biodiversity action plan. As such, the objective is to focus on practical implementation

of greening measures already adopted by farmers across Europe, and to complement these examples with opinions from policy

makers and representative of the scientific community. In so doing, the Multifunctional Landscapes Roadshow has helped develop

practical new solutions and influenced the policy framework required to promote their uptake.


The Multifunctional Landscapes Roadshow brought together different stakeholders including policy makers, academics, farmers, NGOs,

and industry, to co-develop a new approach that will provide the opportunity to develop proactive solutions for on farm management

of natural resources and biodiversity.


Following the launch event in Brussels, on the 4th of March 2013, the roadshow travelled to six capitals across Europe, to foster dialogue

tailored to the local needs, agriculture, and policy landscape. Events took place in Spain, France, Poland, Hungary, United Kingdom and


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