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The Wildlife Estates label (WE) was created in the belief that the positive impact of sustainable land management practices should be encouraged, and land managers should be recognized for improving the environment. The territories, which voluntarily adhere to WE philosophy, demonstrate that local human development and sustainable land use have to be integrated in the same project, even in protected areas.

Made up of 19 national delegations, the WE network counts 371 members. With a continuously growing labeled surface since its establishment in 2004, it is the largest European private wildlife label, with over 1,800,000 ha included. WE label is granted under strictly scientific criteria to territories that practice the highest standard of wildlife and land management, and maintain close collaboration with local authorities or the wider public, in order to enhance biodiversity; the label is renewable every five years.

In 2019 the WE Plenary Session took place at the labeled estate Esterházy Betriebe, Austria, between 3rd-4th September. It included a conference open to the public, entitled “Cultivate and Protect”. The forum provided a forum for foresters, farmers, hunters, landowners, scientists and politicians from the EU, to share their knowledge and experiences on biodiversity friendly farming practices.

In 2020 the Scottish National delegation will host the WE Plenary Session.

For more information visit www.wildlife-estates.info and subscribe to the WE Newsletter!

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