FEAL: multifunctional Farming for the sustainability of European Agricultural Landscapes


Launched in 2016, the aim of the Erasmus+ FEAL (multifunctional Farming for the sustainability of European Agricultural Landscapes) project is to promote entrepreneurial approaches at the juncture between farming and European Agricultural Landscape.


The Final Conference of FEAL was hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels on 6 May 2019.

The outputs of the project include:

- A Summary Report gathered from 5 National Reports linking the relationship between sustainable and multifunctional farming practices and European agricultural landscapes
- An interactive e-Atlas that represent the diversity of EAL’s across Europe
- A database of 28 case studies showing best practices of successful business strategies of sustainable and multifunctional farming whilst at the same time maintaining EALs values and quality.
- Interactive training modules that integrate theoretical knowledge from the Summary Report, as well as including implementation models of best practices represented by Case Studies and from the farm environment expressed through the e-Atlas.

Landscapes have an important cultural value and play a crucial role in the conservation of biodiversity and productivity of farmland. Knowledge on landscape values of European agricultural landscapes can open up new horizons for the establishment of a farm performing different non- agricultural activities, with successful concepts of business strategies in this field improving the possibility of further employment in the farming sector.

Although this marked the end of the project, the e-Atlas will continue to expand, and all training modules, information and experiences will continue to be available for the future.

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