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The Land Mobility project seeks to provide a service to facilitate workable arrangements and is based on a successful pilot programme in Ireland.

The fundamentals of the service are to provide information, to outline and explore options, to act as an honest broker, to provide a confidential service facilitating land mobility and to work with farmers’ existing professional advisers. Essentially it allows older farmers and landowners seeking to retire to work with younger farmers looking to enter the field of agriculture.

The purpose of the service is to facilitate collaborative arrangements tailored to suit any specific situation. These arrangements may be as simple or as complex as desired. They must be workable for all parties involved and can be within or outside the family or a combination of both. In many cases it is envisaged that the arrangements will evolve over time, to help develop dynamic, progressive, and profitable farm operations. The “Honest Broker” element is particularly important in that all parties will be fully respected and in particular the rights of the landowner. As this program expands across the EU it will be helpful for ELO members seeking to retire and help new generations of farmers.

On December 10th and 11th, the Land Mobility project held their kick-off meeting in Dublin, Ireland. Amongst the activities were partner introductions, timelines and milestones, roles and responsibilities and communication strategy. The meeting closed with presentations by Presentation The Land Mobility Manager, Austin Finn and the Minister for Agriculture, Food and The Marine, Mr. Michael Creed. The project will run for two years.

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