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Agriculture has been identified as a sector that can improve the social inclusion of people with mild intellectual disability whilst providing a positive economic position for farms. These group of workers are often underestimated, and the social and personal reward of providing such opportunities is evident.


The 4th meeting for the FARMID project took place in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Granada, Spain in November 2019. Within the picturesque landscape, the meeting was an opportunity for partners to discuss and view the training modules that had been prepared.

These training modules aim to provide farmers, landowners, social entrepreneurs, students and trainers the ability and knowledge relating to employing persons with mild intellectual disability on farms. The meeting was followed by a visit to el Parque del Seminario which is partly managed by the Centro Especial de Empleo Muncipal Jardines y Naturaleza’. An employment centre that employs People with Mild Intellectual Disability (PMID) with the aim of securing paid work and the provision of personal and social inclusion services.

The main goal of the training and work experience provided by the employment centre is to enable them to find work in the private sector. It is the expectation, in line with FARMID project objectives, that the barriers and prejudices surrounding people with mild intellectual disabilities will be broken to show that people with mild intellectual disabilities are capable workers and can be fully active members of the workforce.

The next project meeting will coincide with the final conference held in Brussels, more details to follow.


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