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  • 1- Solutions to future challenges
  • 2- Responsible management
  • 3- Education
  • 4- Energy
  • 5- Entrepreneurship
  • 6- Innovation for food security
  • 7- Private property and family business
  • 8a- Managing biodiversity
  • 8b - Managing biodiversity
  • Solutions to future challenges.

  • Responsible management.

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Entrepeneurship

  • Innovation for food security.

  • Private property and family business.

  • Managing biodiversity.

  • Managing biodiversity.

A European multidisciplinary office for landowners and land managers.

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2017 European Bee Award Ceremony

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Reply now to our Questionnaire on Cultural Ecosystem Services!

The purpose of this questionnaire is to learn more about the management of privately owned land and the delivery of Cultural Ecosystem Services throughout Europe. It is available in 20 EU languages. Check it out and reply before January 12th, 2018

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European Landowners

Promoting a prosperous and attractive European countryside.

The ELO's national constituent organizations in the enlarged European Union and in the Candidate Countries represent millions of landowners throughout Europe. The ELO seeks to develop European solutions to the challenges which will face European decision-makers in the years to come, in particular now that the European Union has welcomed ten new Member States. At the same time the ELO, supported by its Secretariat in Brussels, is best placed to advise on draft European legislation which affects those who live and work in the countryside.

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