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Land and Soil Management Award

 Soil Award announcement spring






Sustainable land and soil management is central to improve our food systems, maintain a healthy environment and ensure European rural development. Indeed, soils, through their structure and the great variety of species they host, perform numerous functions including food production, nutrient and water storage, filtering, buffering as well as breaking down and conserving organic matter. They also play a central role in the protection of water and in the natural exchange of gases with the atmosphere. Moreover, soils are biological habitats, gene pools, elements of landscapes and of cultural heritage as well as providers of raw materials. They are therefore crucial  for agriculture and for all human beings as well as for nature itself, and are the foundation of our health and our wealth. Soils are as such part of Europe’s greatest treasures, thus, it is important to promote and reward practices which contribute to their protection.




About the Award

The prize rewards land use and soil management practices mitigating soil threats i.e. soil degradation, erosion, reduction of organic matter content, diffuse contamination, and compaction as well as the reduction of soil biodiversity, salinization, sealing, flooding and landslides. In doing so, the award sheds light on outstanding achievements, encouraging new concepts of land and soil protection and their implementation in land management, as well as enhancing awareness about the importance of land and soil functions.





Who can apply?

Farmers, landowners, land managers, groups of farmers, on their own or in collaboration with research institutes, universities and/or private companies.





Why to apply?

To recognize the great value of the farmer’s work, by promoting the winning project as a good practice at the EU level. Also, to enhance the visibility of such ways of farming at the local, national as well as European scale and to encourage the farmers to further develop their work in a sustainable path.

5.000 € as well as a diploma of recognition are awarded to the winning project every year.





How to apply?

Fill out the application form and send it back to the Award Coordinator before the application deadline (December 31):                

Land and Soil Management Award
European Landowners' Organization
Rue de Trèves 67 – B-1040 Brussels
Email to [email protected]

The call for application is open every year until December 31.
The award is bestowed to the winner every year during the Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA) Gala Dinner. 

The winner of the 2015/2016 edition will be announced in the framework of FFA Vienna on June 13, 2016.
Due to the number of terrorist attacks on March 22, 2016 in Brussels the ELO management decided to cancel the FFA Gala Dinner&Land and Soil Award Ceremony and postpone the latter to the next Regional event. Our thoughts are with all those involved and please join us in expressing our deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones.


Download the application form 2015/2016 here.


Please note: the application should preferably be filled out in English. If the applicant chooses other language a well-structured English summary of the project should be enclosed.




This award has been launched in 2008 by the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO), under the auspices of the European Commission (DG Environment and the Joint Research Centre) and in association with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) of Vienna, Syngenta International AG, as well as the Centre for Soil and Environmental Sciences of the Ljubljana University. Since then, the award jury has selected outstanding achievements throughout the European Union in the field of sustainable soil and land management.


Prize winners

Year Project name Location Name of applicant
2014/2015 Soil Regeneration at West Woodhay Farms UK West Woodhay Farms
2013/2014 The Pontbren Project Wales Pontbren Farmers Group
2012/2013 Global approach for a sustainable agroecosystem France E.A.R.L. LEFEBVRE
2011/2012 Certified course “soil practitioner” for crop and grassland farmers Austria Bio Austria (group of farmers)
2010/2011 The Land Stewardship Network Spain Jordi Pietx
2009/2010 Little things mean a lot Iceland Erlendur Björnsson
2008/2009 Jistebnice Highlands Czech Republic Jana Maděrová


For more information please contact:
Julianna Nagy
Award Coordinator
[email protected]
+32 2 234 30 00