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Pollinators Network initiative (PNi)







The Pollinator Network initiative, commonly known as the PNi, is a network of farmers and land managers acting for biodiversity willing to use field margins as a โ€œbedโ€ of plants as their field border which are particularly adept for pollination. 


The project was created buy the ELO and the Members of the FCS together with Syngenta in 2010 in order to halt the loss and reverse the decline of biodiversity by encouraging and support its members to create habitats for pollinating insects.


ยทยทยท Our ambition ยทยทยท

With the PNi our ambition is to provide support for farmers, land managers to implement field borders such as buffer strips, hedges that are designed for increasing biodiversity on their field. It is also designed to create a forum for knowledge-sharing on sustainable agriculture practices for biodiversity all around Europe and enhance the harmonization of our current agricultural system within the European landscapes.



ยทยทยท  Why should growers implement field margins? ยทยทยท

Field margins have the potential to provide multiple benefits for the both the agri-businesses and the environment:

 - Season-long bloom and diversity of flower mixes will provide constant food source for insects, for birds and small mammals
 - Reintroduction of local plant species
 - Boost the number of pollinating and beneficial insects
 - Increase earthworm populations and activity
 - Provide food sources for birds and small mammals
 - Protect watercourses and ponds from runoff
 - Improve the efficiency of water use by crops
 - Decrease flooding by slowing down the transfer of precipitation to surface water
 - Prevent the loss of soil
 - Prevent aquatic environment contamination by sediment from adjacent fields
 - Increase the resilience of agro-ecological systems to climate change
 - Promote good management practice
- Gain recognition through environmental awards (see the ELO Awards' section)



ยทยทยท  What can we provide to growers? ยทยทยท

 - Facilitated access to tailored seed mixes
 - Facilitated access to local agronomic support and information to establish multi-functional field margins
 - Exchange of best practices as part of an ever increasing network






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